Convention and compromise are enemies of creativity. They’re also ideas that the three members of Ex Ømerta have outright view it renounced in their pursuit of undiluted and unadulterated musical exhilaration.

The fact is that the Winnipeg-based trio thrives in a setting of controlled chaos, refusing to adhere to any set of rules imposed on them. And they’ve heard their fair share in their time together – drummers can’t be lead singers; Bad Brains and Primus shouldn’t be uttered in the same breath as Queens of the Stone Age and The White Stripes; macabre lyrics only belong in metal…

Ex Ømerta spits in their figurative faces.

This is a band that combines the locked-in rock of Royal Blood with the seductive groove of Arctic Monkeys and pure punk rock piss and vinegar in a combustible concoction that defies both definition and decorum. It’s also a band whose members’ individual talents are matched only by their collective focus and ambition.

The dynamic musical brotherhood of vocalist and drummer Scott Beattie and guitarist Dale McIntyre was born years ago of basement jams, house parties, and dive bar stages. “It was really us just doing all kinds of experimenting and trying things out until we found a sound we could stand behind,” Beattie says.

At that point, they sought a third abettor to solidify their anarchic newfound sound. That’s when bassist Spencer Bauer joined the fold. As to how he made his presence felt in the melee, he simply says: “It definitely got a lot heavier…”

Over the next couple of years, the band set off down their musical rabbit hole, combining eclectic elements and influences from their diverse backgrounds – groovy but gritty, slimy but smooth.

“What we have now with Spencer is something totally fresh and totally separate from anything before,” McIntyre affirms. “Now, this is all about the three of us, together.”

Make no mistake; the three members of Ex Ømerta can woodshed at will, but that’s not what this project is for. Instead, they lock into clicking here sync and use their musical powers to push the envelope with their songwriting. “We like to showcase our abilities,” Beattie admits, “but it’s always tasteful and always in service of the song.”

From the stage, the band is pure intensity and energy incarnate. The only predictable element is unpredictability. And eventual exhaustion. “I think we’re all pretty close to a stroke after every single fucking set we play,” Beattie chuckles. But as McIntyre tacks on, the frenzy and fury comes from a place of passion and integrity. “This is something we find really compelling,” he says candidly, “and we want it to compel other people.”

And compelling is perhaps the best way to describe the band’s lyrics – at least contortedly so. From considering mummification as a means to eternally preserve an intense infatuation to totally abandoning inhibition and acting on one’s most animalistic urges, Ex Ømerta’s songs explore common themes like love and lust, life and death, but all through a twisted lens.

Their name alludes to a code of honour that rejects authority and establishment – including those of the mainstream music industry. Never compromising originality for convention in anything they touch, Ex Ømerta play only to appease the need for adrenaline-fuelled anarchy in all of us.

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